Windsor Gurudwara Sahib

The institutional building Gurudwara Khalsa Prakash Windsor was developed and constructed on 6 acres land covering area of 2800 square feet. The dome was assembled on site which is appealing aspect of the Gurudwara. This is the most overwhelming construction ever done by the group. [metaslider id="517"]

Hamilton Gurudwara Sahib

Institutional Construction of Hamilton Gurudwara, A two storey building covering 25000 square feet with the certain architecture aesthetics completed as per design. The details to the requirement of the building was given extra attention for better construction. Different building units were ordered and assembled on site for purposed aesthetics. [metaslider id="493"]

Dental Suite

A dental suite of 1800 square feet was developed. Construction involved finishing of Plumbing, Electrical, Hvac services in the unit. The interior finishing was handled to the detail alongside with interior designer. [metaslider id="492"]

Executive Suite

Executive Office Area: 4400 square feet Designed and built confirming the owner’s requirement. It involved Plumbing, electrical, Hvac finishing with the executive upgrades. [metaslider id="482"]

Airport Logistics Center

Location: Airport road and Drew Road Project Details: Second commercial development of 40000 square feet was done on 2 acres of land on Drew Road adjoining the AHK Group Office Building. The whole project was managed and delvered in given time. Method: Project was based on Design-Construct-Transfer method. [metaslider id="450"]

Airport Business Complex

Location: Drew Road and Airport Road A two-storey commercial plaza was built and delivered on 2 Acres of land. This plaza is home to AHK group offices. Total covered area is 50000 square feet with 39 commercial offices. This plaza’s construction involves design, development and execution from scratch till occupancy permit. [metaslider id="449"]  

Markham Road Esso Gas Station

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Location: Markham Rd and Milner Avenue Sector: Commercial Project Highlights: This project involves the construction of gas station cum convenience store. It was based on build, design and deliver method. AHK group hold accountability of planning, scheduling and building of the gas station with full workability condition in proposed time.

Esso Gas station and Convenience Store

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Location: Steeles Avenue and Highway 400 Sector: Commercial Esso Gas station is in 1 Acre land situated near Steeles Avenue and Highway 400 in Vaughan City. It covers the area of 1800 ft2. The project was delivered on the basis of build, design and deliver method. Construction includes laying of site services, the installation of all plumbing, electrical and heating of gas station, and installation of Pizza Pizza kitchen with Exhaust fan and makeup air units.